Daily Archives: September 10, 2015

Getting CafeOBJ via MacPorts

I have finally finished the Portfile for CafeOBJ, which allows users to install CafeOBJ via the usual port command of MacPorts. For one needs to add our local source (which only ships CafeOBJ port), but I hope to get the port into the standard distribution soon. Necessary steps: Add the […]

Zick-zacking through the CafeOBJ’s vegetable garden

Lecturer Norbert Preining JAIST, Research Center for Software Verification, Japan Place/Time 43rd TRS Meeting 2015-09-09, Morioka, Japan. Abstract We are exploring a variety of topic related to CafeOBJ: History and background, symbolic calculations and polynoms, computation and exact reals, liveness properties for state machine based specifications, and news from CITP/CafeOBJ, […]