CafeOBJ 1.5.3 released 1

We have released a new version of CafeOBJ, which incorporates besides other fixes the following changes:

interpreter functions

  • ‘describe module tree’ (new) – prints out module importing structure
  • ‘show modules’ – does not print out hidden modules
  • new abbreviations: tr, ctr, pd, pds, bpd, bpds (for trans, ctrans, pred, preds, bpred, bpreds, respectively)
  • new meta label: :m-and-also, :m-or-else

CITP changes

  • new command :ctf, :csp
  • modules generated in CITP are hidden

Please see the download page for the source release, binary packages, and installation instructions.

CafeOBJ 1.5.3 will be uploaded to Debian in near future, please see

Please report bugs to our bug tracker.

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